Perfect Designs

“Parfait” is not only the name of a delicious dessert. In French it means “perfect”, and that’s what we strive for – perfection.

PD was founded with small businesses and solopreneurs in mind. We want to help people build their dreams and their passions – whatever they are.

Want to start a blog? Express your creativity? Promote your business? Create a brand? An amazing website is a great way to build a strong foundation for your vision – that’s where we come in.

We understand all the passion and work that goes into making something great. We are also creatives who dream big.


Michelle is the designer at Parfait Designs, and she has a love for the timeless and chic aesthetics of French design. While web and app design is her specialty, she also enjoys interior and product design. Creating a company that focuses on making beautiful websites has always been a dream of hers.

In her free time, she enjoys writing children’s books, running a French lifestyle blog, and drinking champagne.


Steve is the developer of Parfait Designs and handles all things tech. He spends all day and night obsessing over the important details that most people won’t see. If you purchase one of our themes you can rest easy knowing that Steve has triple-checked everything to ensure you have the best experience.

When Steve isn’t writing code, he can be found playing video games or watching movies.