Installation & Setup

Installing your Parfait Designs Theme

After you’ve purchased one of our Parfait Designs themes, you’ll be able to download your new theme. Once the download is complete, unzip the folder.

  1. Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard: Go to your website’s admin area by typing your website’s URL followed by “/wp-admin” (e.g., ““). Log in with your username and password.
  2. Access the Themes Section: In your WordPress dashboard, look for the “Appearance” menu on the left-hand side. Click on it to expand the options.
  3. Click on “Themes”: From the “Appearance” menu, click on “Themes.” This will take you to the Themes page, where you can manage your website’s themes.
  4. Add New Theme: On the Themes page, you’ll see a button labeled “Add New.” Click on it to start looking for a new theme.
  5. Upload Main Theme: Select and upload your Parfait Designs theme from the download files.
  6. Install the Theme: Once you’ve uploaded your Parfait Designs theme, click on the “Install” button next to it.
  7. Upload and Install Child Theme: Repeat the previous steps for your Parfait Designs’ child theme. The child theme ensures that any custom code (CSS, JavaScript, or PHP) does not get overwritten if we update the theme.
  8. Activate the Child Theme: After installing the child theme, you’ll see an “Activate” button. Click on it to make the new theme your website’s active theme.
Setup Front and Posts Page

Our themes come with templates for the Front Page and Posts/Blog Page. To ensure that these templates are displayed correctly, we have to change some settings so that those pages are using the respective templates.

  1. Create Home and Posts Page: If you already have pages dedicated to all Posts and the Front/Home page then you can skip this step. Otherwise, go and create two pages called “Posts” and “Home”. The name isn’t important it’s just more descriptive so feel free to follow any naming convention you prefer. There’s no need to add any content to the pages, as the content will automatically be added to them.
  2. Reading Settings: Now navigate to the “Settings” section within your Admin Dashboard and select “Reading”.
  3. Change Display Settings: In the “Reading Settings” section change “Your homepage displays” to “static page” and select the pages we just created to the respective “Home” and “Posts” pages.
Changing your Theme’s Style

Our themes come with a few Style Variations that give your website a fresh coat of paint in just a few clicks so you never get bored. Switching through Style Variations in WordPress is super easy.

  1. Go to Theme Editor: Within your WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to “Appearance” > “Editor”.
  2. Select and Preview Styles: Within the Theme Editor, select “Styles” and you’ll be presented with all the variations and a preview of their styles. Select the one style you like and save your change – it’s as simple as that!