Why Our Themes Don’t Include Plugins

If you’ve purchased a WordPress theme before then you’ve probably had to deal with long and complicated configurations as a prerequisite. One of the big parts of this setup is downloading several third-party plugins. This step is usually a requirement and not an option. Aside from being a painful user experience, having plugins as a requirement with a theme can be a problem and is typically the root of a broken site.

Why Use Plugins?

Plugins are great and essential to building a feature-rich WordPress website. Plugins allow you to easily add features to your website. Do you want to integrate your social media? There’s a plugin for that. Need a newsletter signup form? Yep, there’s a plugin. Want to replace all your images with photos of cats in one click? There’s probably a plugin for that as well. Plugins are one of the best and most powerful aspects of using WordPress.

The Problems with Packaging Together

The problem with packaging a theme with plugins is that the two (theme and plugin) rely on each other to work. If the required plugin is removed or receives an update with breaking changes, then your theme will fail to work properly since the two are interlinked. The best-case scenario: your website will have missing sections. Worst case: your site goes down. While your visitors are looking at a blank screen, you’re searching for a needle in a haystack, looking for what broke your website. Alternatively, if you decide to install a new theme then all the features that the plugins provided are lost with the theme.

Because plugins control the business logic of your website, it can become a target for hackers searching for vulnerabilities. Often times because of poor security practices some plugins do get breached allowing hackers to access the backend of your site. For one great plugin that is properly developed and maintained, there are dozens that are not. We believe you should have a choice in what plugins you choose to use.

The Parfait Designs Approach

At Parfait Designs, we develop our themes without the use of plugins, but can support your favorite plugins. Our themes focus only on the presentation of your content. That means when you add or remove our theme from your website, your content and plugins will not be affected. Our themes are designed and developed with user experience, performance, and best practices in mind. What you get is a reliable and optimized theme with easy installation and will work today and over the years the come.

Ready to Try Our Themes?

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