Why You Should Start a Blog

If you’ve ever thought of starting a blog, but felt something holding you back, this blog post is for you.

Even with the rise of social media, blogs are still a very popular medium to share content. Long form content is still widely consumed and adds its own benefits to your brand or product. If you’re still on the fence, here are some benefits of starting a blog.

Share Your Thoughts, Passions, & Ideas

A blog allows you to share anything you want through words, photos, and links in a unique way compared to other platforms. On social media you can share a limited amount of photos and words per post, and it’s surrounded by other people’s content. With a blog, you have unlimited space to express yourself, both with words and photos, and format it in a way that you’d like. It gives you all the freedom.

It’s also surrounded by your own content – other blog posts, your photography, other pages – so you can build a fully realized brand that a viewer can see in its entirety.

Build a Community

From your blog, it’s easier to show everything you’re about, making it easier to connect with people who like your message and story. They can comment on your posts and come back frequently to get more content. You can also build an email list directly from your blog, allowing you to create a community of like-minded people who you can reach directly in their inboxes every week. From a marketing perspective, a large mailing list is invaluable, and from a consumer perspective, you have access to even more things from your favorite creator.

With social media, there is a slight disconnect, but your blog is a special place for all your content that they can connect with much easier.

Develop Your Writing & Photography Skills

Writing is a very useful skill that translates into many avenues. It’s a skill that many people want and need, but not everyone has. Like with every skill, the more you do it, the better you get.

It’s one type of writing skill to be able to write a short, catchy caption on an IG or TikTok post, but it’s something else entirely to write a full blog post. A blog allows you the space to improve your writing, and the best blog posts have lots of photographs to enhance them, which allows you more practice to take photos.

Explore More About Your Niche

When you decide on what your blog will be about, chances are you’ve narrowed it down to your “niche”, your particular area of expertise or what you talk about. Once you’ve done any kind of content creation, you realize you quickly get beyond the surface-level things and need to get creative to dig deeper.

For example, let’s say you have a blog all about beauty products. You start by listing your favorite beauty brands, your go-to products you use every day, and some makeup and skincare routines. You take lots of pictures of yourself and the products. Then what? Let’s say someone comes to your blog not having any background in skincare and they don’t know where to start. Now you can write a series of beginners’ skincare tips – What is the difference between a serum and an essence? How many times a day should I wash my face? What kind of skincare is right for my skin type? What even is my skin type? To be able to answer these questions, you need to learn more about skin and skincare. So you do research, write everything up in easy-to-understand blog posts, and take photos. Now you have become more knowledgeable, and you offer more value to the reader.

This process improves your blog’s authority, increasing viewership (and returning readers!), develops trust with your readers, and you learn a variety of new things.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

If your goal is to start your own business, a blog is a great resource for both your reader and you. You can start with a blog, build a viewership, and then open a shop on your blog. This allows you time to grow before you decide on what you’d like to sell. Or you can start a business and include a blog on the website. This could be a way for people to connect with your mission, get additional resources that you share, or see behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Having a blog alongside your business is a great way to make your brand more personable and give more value to your customers.

Learn New Skills

Along with improving your writing and photography skills, running a blog means you’ll likely need to learn other skills. Things like SEO, programming, and design. Eventually once your brand grows, you’ll potentially be able to outsource some of this work, but in the beginning a lot of it will fall on you.

If you’re not interested in programming or design, you can easily use pre-made website templates and just fill in your content. We found a lot of people wanted to start a blog, but didn’t know where to start or how to program or design, so that’s why we started Parfait Designs. If this sounds like you, check out our Theme Shop. You can easily install a theme, drag and drop elements, and fill in your content.

Inspire Others

Many people never start something they’re interested in because of fear. Some people are able to overcome this fear on their own through sheer force of will, and some find it through being inspired by others. You never know who your blog will reach and how it will affect them. It could be just the thing they needed to hear or read. It could be the thing that finally inspires to them to go out and do something they were afraid to do.

So if you’re self conscious about who will read or blog or think that no one will care, maybe shift your perspective and think about the people who could be inspired by your work.

Ready to Start Your Blog?

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